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Our products in the human anatomy series are:

  • Harvard, USA
  • Cornell University, USA
  • University of Iowa, USA
  • University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Masterskill Edu, Malaysia
  • La Salle University, Mexico
  • University of Keele, UK
  • N. Atlantic Univ., Qatar

Cyber-Anatomy software and systems have become the de-facto standard for medical-level teaching of anatomy. This software application and virtual reality turnkey systems for the classroom and individual virtual dissection are the most advanced comprehensive learning tools for today's anatomy education.

Cyber-Anatomy Software products are used by health professionals and students at every level to show or learn anatomy.  It is used for patient education and illustrative purposes.  A user of the Med version, for example, can fully interact with the anatomy to "Peel" muscles, follow nerve roots, examine skeletal anatomical landmarks, understand muscle insertions and origins, and look at minute details of organs. High school students in biology classes can better understand the various systems of the body in a fascinating 3-dimensional manner.

By harnessing the strengths of advanced simulation technology, engineering, 3D modeling, and accurate medical 3D reconstruction, Cyber-Anatomy has created advanced, easy-to-use tools for exploring anatomy at all levels:

Cyber-Anatomy Med™

Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™

Cyber-Anatomy Holographic

Cyber-Anatomy Puppeteer

Cyber-Anatomy Intro - Cyber-Anatomy Med - Cyber-Anatomy Med VR
Single user license, Multiple concurrent users, per seat or site license, and Web based Anatomy is rendered as objects floating in 3D space, creating an immersive experience.
Supports up to 250 concurrent users.


A revolutionary system for individual dissection of holographic anatomy. In collaboration with zSpace, this system was created to provide the user with the best capabilities possible. Capability to interact with the musculoskeleton system while in motion. Visualize an athlete while performing a task.


These systems provide for a superb method for learning anatomy that includes:

      • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
      • Real-time interactivity, allowing the student instant access to the anatomy

      • Search techniques using the Terminlogia Anatomica standard (Med version only)
      • The ability to dissect the anatomy through a regional or systemic approach
      • Transparency mode - allowing the user to look inside the body and various layers
      • Visualize motion in puppeteer like never before...see muscle and joints in action


Who can use it?

Interacting with Cyber-Anatomy Human Anatomy
Using a 3D interactive device, a user is able to efficiently maneuver through complex anatomy.

  • Rotate
• Zoom
• Orbit
• Pan
• Peel
• Transparent
• Hide / Unhide
• Label
• Stick



Cyber-Anatomy Med™ is available as a modular server-based solutions for distribution of Cyber-Anatomy content over the web.
Used on any type of web-server similar to regular html pages or gif files are served up. A viewer is used first downloaded to the client machine and is used to dynamically interact with the 3D anatomy content.  3D anatomy components are streamed into the scene, allowing extremely small file-size and full interactivity.

Maintenance and support

One year full warranty for all equipment and software. Additional warranties are also available.

Installation and training
Cyber-Anatomy™ software is intuitive and simple to install. Training is offered upon request.


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