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Cyber-Anatomy Med

"Cyber-Anatomy has all of the anatomical detail needed to make it a powerful reference for students learning anatomy. The three-dimensional presentation and mobility of each structure create an open, freely-moving, virtual dissection experience that draws students in, always providing an accurate sense of the spatial relationships between anatomical structures. The ability to create and edit modules presenting only select structures and systems creates a 'sandbox'-like tool that anatomy teachers everywhere will find invaluable in creating their own 3-D presentations for use in the classroom. With exquisite control of each structure and level of detail, the anatomy teacher no longer needs to rely on using multiple 2-D images which each only show one aspect of a body region. Cyber-Anatomy takes virtual anatomy to a whole new level, providing unique opportunities for students and faculty alike."

Darren S. Hoffmann, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Iowa City, IA, USA

"As a professor of anatomy for over 33 years a program of this quality is long overdue! Cyber-Anatomy has the potential to significantly impact student learning of human anatomy in a significant and positive way. Students that have seen the program state that Cyber-Anatomy would have made the laboratory component of their course significantly easier."

Robert B. Tallitsch, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL, USA
Author of Human Anatomy, Fourth Edition, by Martini, F.H., Timmons, M.J., and Tallitsch, B., Pearson Publishing

Cyber-Science 3D

"This program is amazing. I can't believe I am so fortunate to have it is my classroom.
It will take teaching high school anatomy to a whole new level. During our recent open house, I
had parents pick up the glasses on there way in to the classroom and I gave them a demonstration.
They were amazed and wanted to sign up for my class."

Audrey Carter
Science Teacher
Orange County Public Schools
,Orlando, FL,, USA

Who uses our technology?

- Harvard Medical School, USA
- Cornell Medical School, USA
- Al Hasa University, SAUDI ARABIA
- Hampton University, VA, USA
- University of Cairo, CAIRO, EGYPT
- The University of Chicago, IL, USA
- The University of Iowa,  IOWA CITY, IA, USA
- North Atlantic University,  DOHA, QATAR

-University of Tsukuba,  Tsukuba, JAPAN
- Taif University, Taif, SAUDI ARABIA
- Masterskill Education Grp Berhad, MALAYSIA
- La Salle University, MEXICO
- University of NA, NewFoundland, CANADA
-Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA
- University of Keele, UNITED KINGDOM
-International Univ of  Health, JAPAN